Bridal Boutiques in Birmingham to Die For!

So you're lucky enough to have met the love of your life. It's now time to step into an endless line of fancy dresses until you find 'the one' - THE dress that will catapult you to untold heights of beauty, sophistication, elegance and grace. The White Room Bridal Salon and Wedding Belles of Four Oaks are pretty little boutiques in Birmingham. So brace yourself and prepare yourself to find your dream dream dress at one of these boutiques!

The White Room Bridal Salon

The White Room Bridal Salon

The White Room operates on an appointment only basis and staff requests that you notify them who will be accompanying you in advance. All brides are advised to bring highly trusted advisors in the form of family members or friends - those whose advice you value. Most brides opt for an intimate party of advisors as varying conflicting perspectives can overshadow the bride's preference. Setting yourself a clear cut budget is essential prior to consultation booking. It's easier to locate the perfect dress when you know your financial limitations! Setting bridal boundaries will ensure that the warm staff can cherry pick you a sensational selection that suits your monetary preferences.

The range of dresses on display here will not disappoint; all dresses have been personally and dutifully hand-picked from various high-end boutiques based in New York and Chicago. For this reason alone, the starting price for all dress is somewhat above the average at $2,000 a pop.

What to expect:

Finding that perfect dress should be as momentous as meeting the love of your life; there should be a spark when you wear the dress that you will greet your future husband in. Although every wedding gown is beautiful the proof is in the pudding and only when you change into the dress do you get a sense of whether the gown is ideal for you. The hospitable staff will happily greet you and treat you like a fairy tale princess; the boutiques ethos is to evoke a sense of relaxation, comfort and luxury.

Pairing each bride with a dedicated stylist, you'll be provided with your own designated changing room where you can discuss your dream wedding arrangements. This is the place to discuss budgets, themes and details. You will then receive a guided tour of the opulent showroom rammed with racks of desired dresses.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety on offer; the wow factor of a dazzling collection of wedding dresses all neatly displayed, just waiting for the 'right women' to slip their precious bodies inside them can make a woman feel like a kid in a candy store! Fortunately your personal advisor will help you source dresses that meet your requirements and fine tune the process. Remember; these women are used to searching through the racks on a daily basis!

Trying On Gowns:

Getting changed in and out of dresses can be a little tiresome but when it comes to trying on wedding dresses, most brides feel giddy with excitement. The search is on! Your designated stylist will have an understanding of your desired look, theme and detail. Once you locate the dream dress, your stylist will match you with a myriad of items designed to complete the overall look including shoes, veils, jewellery and tiara - all of the essential elements that should harmonise well to create a cohesive whole.

The Dress

Finding the dress is the first step; if adjustments and alterations are required, including lifting the neckline or including additional length, extra straps or added buttons, measurements will be made and changes finely tuned in a timely manner.


A 50% deposit is required to secure your gown and the remaining balance should be cleared once the dress arrives in-store. A gown should be ordered around 6-8 months prior to your big day. Don't be alarmed if you have a more restrictive time frame - your dress can still be reunited with you in time!


Even the most gorgeous dress may require certain alterations to transport it from hot to heavenly. A fitting can be organised over the phone and alterations will be personally completed by in-house owner Carolyn Kelley who utilises her 45 years of industry experience to customise styles and make dresses bride worthy.

Bridal Gown Collection

Step inside this cave of wonders for a striking selection of bridal and bridesmaid dresses available from highly coveted designers including Amsale, Christos, Jenny Lee and Just Judd Waddell amongst a myriad of others.

Sample Sale

Second to the bride, the Mother of the Bride is perhaps the most important lady in the venue! If you want mummy dearest to be dressed in elitist, exclusive style that screams subtle sophistication, the sample sale selects a huge range of accessories including shoes, veils and tiaras for the bride and gorgeous additions for mothers too. Personal consultations can be organised online or over the phone.

Wedding Belles of Four Oaks

Wedding Belles of Four Oaks

If you want to browse a marvellous array of wedding dresses complete with exceptional customer service and striking accessories including bridesmaid gowns, tiaras, veils and the very best in cutting edge innovation from top wedding designers across the UK and Europe then look no further than Wedding Belles of Four Oaks. Based in the Sutton area of Birmingham, the staffs knowledge and expertise enable them to sincerely guide brides in the right direction and as an award winning you know that both quality and quantity are high priorities!

With such a grand collection of gowns, it's easy to hone your preferences and make that match. Of course finding the perfect wedding dress is just the first step; finalising the look with admirable accessories is part of the package and you'll also want to make sure that your bridesmaids, maid of honour and mother are dressed accordingly to. Regardless of your specified style, colour, theme and details, there is something for every bride here. A variety of designers have their special garments stashed here including endless elite bridal designers such as Sottero & Midgley, Ellis, Colet Bridal and Trudy Lee.

Bridal Stock

Wedding Belles of Four Oaks

Brides come in all shapes and sizes and yet all are special. With dresses available between sizes 6 and 30 at affordable prices ranging between £550-£1800, every bride has her pick of the litter so to speak. As Sunday is the busiest day, pre-booking a consultation is highly desired.

Wedding Belles of Four Oaks advise having a solid idea of what you want your day to entail; what kind of wedding do you want? Do you have a colour scheme or theme in mind? What kind of bride do you want to be? Answering these questions will help you to fill in the bigger picture.

The Contemporary Bridesmaid

Contemporary bridesmaid dresses take their lead from the catwalk and red carpet. Although they don't steal the scene from the bride, they certainly are hot contenders. Wedding Belles gowns encapsulate the most alluring style announcements from the high fashion world ensuring that brides and bridesmaids alike will be utterly delighted with the coveted collection.

With a plethora of styles available including the flattering one-shoulder, classic Grecian or tea-length gown, your style, taste and character can be emphasised perfectly. Every bride has her perfect gown in mind for her maids and wishes to embody a different kind of style whether it be traditional, reserved, flamboyant or even outrageous!

The key to selecting dresses that reflect elegance is keeping things elegant and simple; don't go overtly fussy. Bridesmaids should serve as a beautiful background that frames the centrepiece - that would be you! They should never detract from the bride! The gowns on offer lead a sustained life which means that they can be used for more than just bridesmaid duties; you can whip them out for a night out, celebration or even a date of your own! With over 100 dresses available, there is truly something for every bridesmaid.

Wedding Belles of Four Oaks Bridesmaid Dresses


Accessories maketh the dress. The devil is indeed in the details! The final finishing touches can really bring your gown to life. With a myriad of accessories available from prestigious UK designers such as Liza Designs, you can choose from the traditionally classic to outrageous looks with oomph. Teaming with tiaras, fascinators, veils and jewellery, you can add a hook to your look here.

Wedding Belles of Four Oaks Accessories

Sales Lounge

With a new Sales Lounge available, new brides with wedding dates looming on the horizon with budgets between £250 to £650 are advised to head on over. Their utterly exclusive collection matches brides with budget friendly dresses that aren't lacking in style and sass and can be taken away on the same day. Book an appointment to see the full selection showcased and specify your interest in the Sales Lounge.

You can even have a sneaky look at some of their limited edition gowns on their website. With sensational price slashes, highly coveted gowns are reduced by up to 50% and even more in some cases! Sometimes a wedding dress can be a steal...