Bridal Shops in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a bride’s paradise; there are boutiques galore stocking disarming dresses to satisfy even the stingiest of stipulations. Nonetheless, to refine your search, here are three of our favourites from exquisite Edinburgh: Pretty Woman, Karavelle and Bliss Studios.

Pretty Woman: Specialists in Bridal Wear

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman embraces the attitude of women all over the world; its fun, girly and glam! Alongside wedding and bridesmaid's attire, the store stocks prom costumes, veils, shoes, tiaras, jewellery and all manner of other wedding accessories.

Bridal Dresses

Pretty Woman's premier designer bridal gown collection has it all with a collection of formal and informal dresses lovingly concocted from lavish imagination and brought to life utilising dreamy fabrics including satin, silk, lace and chiffon - slinky, sensual fabrics that ensnare the senses because the dress doesn't only need to look good, it needs to feel good too.

All wedding gowns are engineered by nine elite designers; Raul Novias Justin, Alexander, Tia, Sincerity, Benjamin Roberts, Romantica and Mark Lesley and Modeca.

Prom Dresses

If you want to turn heads (and what woman doesn't?), their impressive array of prom gowns will really help you stand out in a crowd. As long as you're looking for something special, desired designers include Dressy, Special Day, Forever Yours and Mark Lesley.


Accessories have a way of evolving attire. There are of course certain staples affiliated with wedding days; boleros, shoes, tiaras, veils and jewellery! Veils can even be made that little bit more gorgeous by adorning them with additional extras including gems, pearls, ribbon or lace.

Bridal Footwear

All eyes might be on the dress but eyes wander and they will turn to your shoes! Classy, classic and chic, decadently designed shoes have been produced by trained wedding footwear specialists including Linzi Jay and Rainbow Club. You want shoes that look great but also feel good so that you can graciously sizzle as you strut down the aisle.

Our Verdict:

Whether you want to be classic bride or a charismatic Cinderella, there are enough dresses to ensure that you can achieve the look you desire. The attitude of the staff permeates to the overall ambience of the boutique and is reflected in the dynamite dresses; you can take as long as you want to try on dresses even during the busiest hours. This laid back approach to changing into dresses makes the process far more relaxed, comforting and enjoyable.

The customer service offered is utterly outstanding and questions are invited; in fact, the more you ask, the easier the entire process will be! Pretty Women literally will go out of their way to make you feel like a pretty woman!

Kavelle Bridal Shop

Kavelle Bridal Shop

Having opened in 1991, Kavelle's is a family run business that has since gone on to expand but retains that intimate, cosy sense of warmth that emanates from family based business. The quality of their merchandise is a real feature as is their significant sense of customer service. Their opulent attire, warm welcome and positive outlook has enabled them to establish a reputation of reliability and brilliance.

Families understand the importance of marriage which is why you'll find plenty of picture-perfect dream dresses here; the gown is hugely significant after all! You can order a hand-made gown, or simply choose one straight from the shelf. There's also a generous collection of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses if you're looking for a cohesive collaboration.

Despite being located in intimate Edinburgh, Kavelle is widely esteemed worldwide boasting a stellar and highly deserved reputation. They have and will make gowns for any bride anywhere so don't let geography deter you. Satisfied brides from New York to London have Kavelle's on their lips!


If elegance is what you're looking for, there are endless sensational frocks and wonderful accessories in stock. With sparkling jewellery, tempting tiaras and sophisticated veils, you can compliment your dress in any way you see fit. Naturally, shoes are a staple and with accomplished designers including Rainbow Club, Paradox in Halo and Co, Warren York, such timeless designs will stand you in good stead.

Tailor Made Service

A tailor made gown requires a little extra work but will reward you with a truly one a kind finished product. Here the process is relatively easy and hassle free. Efficient, fast and friendly, various fabrics, colours and styles can be effortlessly obtained using their made to measure service.

The tailoring process:

Each bride is afforded her own tailor who will draw, design and create their dress according to the bride's specifications. The first gown will be created in cotton to create a toile model, which is then cut and hand made from the toile with painstaking attention paid to the diminutive details.

A plethora of exciting extras are also available including sensuous silks, velvet, satin, crepe, taffetas, tartans, chiffons, a rainbow assortment of over 100 colours and a range of contemporary or conventional styles. A, Princess and empire lines as well as fish tails and other popular wedding dress designs.

Our Verdict:

Family owned and run, the process is perfect; this is a fun, fast and funky way to find that dress. With glorious gowns and accessories that you'll ache for as well as extravagant embellishments you can fulfil all of your wedding fantasies at Kavelle.

Bliss Studios

Bliss Studios

If you don't want to break the bank or sacrifice style, take your pick from this prestigious collection of pristine sample and designer dresses all at hugely cost effective prices. Based in the city centre, this studio is classy and will make you feel like a superstar. Their highly qualified team will indulge your every whim whilst you seek out your show stealer.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Owned and managed by June Russell, Bliss Studio is what it says on the tin! Offering a truly blissful experience, June has poured her expertise and experience into her project, capitalising on her enviable insider insights into the industry. June knows how to make brides blush, beautify and beam, motivated by close friends who have attempted to sell gorgeous once-worn dresses online that have received no takers. June's approach was to showcase this striking selection of pre-worn gowns in the hope that new brides would fall in love with them all over again.

Although some brides may really be drawn to the fresh out of the box sense of novelty that comes with a brand spanking new dress, a pre-owned dress is far from the lesser choice. All dresses remain in immaculate condition and are priced reasonably - they also carry a sense of history having already made one bride very happy!

June fuses the experience of snapping up the perfect dress with a great opportunity; you can enjoy an exclusive, elitist service that makes you feel marvellous whilst you hunt out that dream dress.

Wedding Dresses

With over 300 leading designer previously used wedding dresses and accessories available at less than 50% of their original asking price, brides are spoilt for choice. Ideal for those who want to make sensational savings, some gowns are available for as little as £90 with shoes priced at £30 to seal the deal.

All worn wedding dresses owned by Bliss studios are in exceptional condition and well-presented when they leave the studio.


Bliss Studios charge separately for all their alterations and can recommend a skilled seamstress who offers competitive rates. They also have an up-to-date list of experienced tailors that all come highly recommended by other brides.

Hire Service

If you wish to hire rather than commit to buy, Bliss Studios provide a hire service with plenty of spellbinding dresses available.

Resale Policy

It is possible to sell your dress back to Bliss Studios as dictated by their Resale Policy. Please note that not all dresses are eligible but when this is the case, you'll get around 50% of off your original purchase price. Keeps getting better right?

News Updates

Bliss has been applauded by ecologically friendly site, No Impact Bride for positively reconditioning previously adored and stylish wedding dresses. Environmentally conscious brides can now snap up a gorgeous dress whilst positively influencing the environment.

Tips on Choosing a Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress isn't actually all that hard but here are Bliss's top tips:

  • Be truthful about the shape of your body and learn to love it!
  • Keep an open mind. Even if you think you know exactly what you want, the right dress on paper can be thrown out of the window once you feel the fit of a different kind of fabric
  • Try before you buy; try lots of different ideas to see if there is a better fit than your pre-conceived idea of the dream dress
  • Never try to squeeze yourself into a dress that doesn't fit you. Many brides aim to lose weight for their big day and although many succeed, it is a huge risk to purchase a too-tight dress in the hopes that you'll shrink to fit it. Find a dress that flatters you as you are. In the event that you lose weight, it will look even better on the day!
  • Don't ask for too many second opinions! The shop staff knows a thing or two about dresses and close friends and family know you well but too many cooks spoil the broth!
  • Trying on dresses all day can get confusing. Ask your friends to jot down the details. You'll discover patterns forming within no time and this will help you select the best type of gown for you
  • Try on the dress during day light hours. It is highly recommended to try dresses on in rooms that have lots of lighting otherwise your gown may look completely different. Thankfully, Bliss Studio has plenty of natural light.
  • See how your dress looks when paired with accessories and shoes.
  • Walk around in the gowns you try; are they comfortable? How does the dress look when you move?
  • Bring photographs or drawings of dress styles you like and take photos of yourself wearing various dresses


Bliss Studios recommend that you call them to arrange an appointment to see one of their bridal specialists. Most appointments last between 1 to 2 hours.

Our Verdict:

Bliss Studios make buying a dress simple. You can literally pick it up and go. Pretty easy right? You can still create a 'one-off look' with worn dresses and accessories whilst also making an environmentally sound choice. No one will know if your chosen gown has been worn before and your finances will thank you!