Cheshire Wedding Venues

Based in Cheshire and looking for a hot to trot wedding venue? Finding that perfect place can be tricky, but luckily we've sourced 4 of the most unique wedding venues in that area for you and mentioned what each has to offer.

Cheshire Barn at the Cheshire Hall

Happy wedding couple at Cheshire Hall

Swaddled by nearly 15 acres of picturesque grounds, wedding parties with a preference for the great outdoors will greatly benefit from such an ethereal and enchanting setting. Framed by strikingly structured and highly maintained Japanese gardens, the Cheshire Barn is an innovative fusion of the classic and the exotic.

As a Grade 2 listed building the barn has been built with renovation timber beams, giving it that uniquely modern stance. Revellers can even opt to marry beneath a pretty marquee. The Cheshire Barn fits the fantasy of an utterly romantic, lush and verdant setting as couples exchange vows in a dreamy atmosphere overlooking naturally striking surroundings.

If the fear of poor weather causes you to reconsider, the Barn offers 3 indoor options offering enough space to house 250 guests. To keep guests fed and watered throughout proceedings, well trained staff delivers top notch catering with either a 3 course meal or buffet available.

Our verdict:

If you find yourself enamoured with celebrity style and can almost envision yourself carefully ensconced in a helicopter or Rolls Royce then The Cheshire Hall is ideal. There's a true feel of grandeur and decadence permeating the grounds as well as the interior.

Haslington Hall

Haslington Hall

If you fancy being flung far back in time, Haslington Hall is a picturesque Grade 1 listed Tudor building nestled in the heart of Cheshire, nearby the M6. The Hall has amassed 25 acres of grounds and 2 majestic lakes rendering it ideal for quaint photo opportunities. Haslington Hall harbours a certain sense of exclusivity, even elitism, ensuring that all eyes will be on you. This is the perfect place for brides who truly want to feel special and embrace their big day.

Licensed to conduct civil services and partnerships, buffets cater to up to 1000 guests with seating offered to 800 well wishers. For those who have their hearts set on a more intimate venue, the marquee offers a suitably sized space. Complete with private bar, dance floor, cloakroom, drinking lounge and terrace area, Haslington Hall ticks all boxes.

Our Verdict:

Ideally suited to all budgets, it's perfectly possible to enjoy a wonderful wedding without walloping the wallet. Suited and booted with their own warm and welcoming Events Management team, if you feel a little frazzled, they will happily organise your big day for you.

Mythe Barn

Mythe Barn

If you're looking for a venue that is hot on the lips of all and sundry, then Mythe Barn is ideal. Blending conventional and contemporary structures, the pioneering, all-purpose wedding venue based in the Midlands is situated in the alluring Leicestershire countryside.

Mythe Barn marries (pardon the pun) an extraordinary experience engineered to run with the precision of clockwork whilst retaining the bride and grooms individual sense of style. Mythe translates to mean 'the uniting of two rivers' which could not be a more potent or poetic reminder of the intertwining of two life's in love.

Licensed to organise both civil weddings and partnership ceremonies, the exclusively designed modern barn is utilised specifically for wedding services and parties. Offering a scenic conventional renovated barn, the venue is available for the wedding party for the entirety of the day. That means no sharing your day with strangers!

Surrounded by striking scenery, bountiful nature and ravishing rivers, Mythe Barn authentically feels as though it's far away from civilisation but in actual fact can easily be accessed. Nicely set along the borders of Warwickshire and Leicestershire, the centre of the Midlands, it's less than 30 minutes away from Birmingham, Leicester & Coventry.

Catered by Galloping Gourmet, the outstanding banqueting experience offers locally sourced and exquisitely prepared fresh food in their purpose built kitchen. Happily working in conjunction with you to cultivate the desired wedding menu, the head chef himself is happy to share his innovative ideas to tempt the palettes of your guests. With a plethora of selected food packages, there is something to suit every set of taste buds and alcohol is included ensuring great value for money. Children and those with unique dietary requirements are also catered to.

Our Verdict:

If you fancy out of the way allure that is actually not all that hard to travel to, complete with sumptuous food and glorious views, then look no further.

Plough & Harrow Hotel

Plough & Harrow Hotel

At the Plough & Harrow Hotel all weddings are equally significant. There is no sense of jadedness, boredom or monotony when it comes to this wedding extravaganza. Every wedding is embraced as a unique and special celebration. For those who house a soft spot for England's historical marvels, this Victorian hotel is situated on its own grounds and offers serene and lavish surroundings to ensure a romantic reception. Merging a conventional hotel with delectable eats, warm hospitability and the beautiful Country Home, the Plough & Harrow offers a fashionable and fun wedding venue located in Birmingham.

The opulent Terrace Room

Another exciting addition is the opulent Terrace Room, complete with gallery and a patio that overlooks the tended gardens and can effortlessly accommodate 100 wedding breakfast guests and 150 reception guests ensuring that large and intimate parties are equally catered to. Furthermore the Calthorpe Suite serves as a contemporary function room complete with opulent windows to oversee the surreal surroundings. 80 guests can be catered for a filling breakfast whilst 120 can be seated for evening dining.

Tailored Wedding Menus

With a varied menu tailored to all tastes, guests can also select from a myriad of packages in conjunction with an Events Coordinator who will happily schedule in time to discuss personal requirements, verify availability and clarify costs and deposits. Licensed to conduct Civil Ceremonies, the ceremony and reception can he held in tandem.

Wedding Packages

Plough & Harrow Hotel offer full wedding packages for a total of 50 guests that includes the following for a reasonable price:

  • Drinks when you and your entire party arrive
  • A 3 course meal
  • Fizzy Wine for the tribute
  • A night time buffet

With 3 fully furnished rooms available and licensed to conduct proceedings, the Plough & Harrow can accommodate intimate or large parties, catering for up to 100 guests. The cost of hiring a room for a Civil Ceremony is wholly dependent on the room choice, party number and included reception or event post ceremony. As a Grade 2 listed building, the grounds boast a spacious patio, sweeping lawns and elaborate gardens ideal for memorable wedding photographs.

Civil Wedding Service

Each and every room can be organised to suit the bride's specifications. Parties can incorporate decorations including flower arrangements and themes and with a music facility included, the bride and groom can select their music preferences. The bride is also able to use a room prior to the ceremony for her dress preparations.

Wedding Reception Offers

For a highly cost effective solution, wedding receptions are a bit cheaper if booked on either a Friday or Sunday. This price offer encapsulates all beverages, a delicious 3 course meal and evening buffet. Extra guests can be accommodated and an evening disco can be arranged if the party wish to let their hair down after proceedings.

Our verdict:

This place is for those looking for an old traditional Victorian style wedding with all the necessary modern facilities. The staff are attentive and thoughtful staff and it has a warm and welcoming feeling as soon as you step inside.