Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia Game for PC

Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia Game

Love is most obviously in the air, and the beautiful chimes of marriage bells aren't that far behind. However, you must ensure that everything goes off without any major hiccups. There is so much that needs to get done just so that a youthful and blissful couple have a perfect wedding day. And, do you want to know who is responsible for making that happen? It's you! You have been hired especially to make sure that everything runs like clockwork

Release Date: 05/03/2010

Available on: Windows Games, Downloadable PC Games

Critics Rating: 4.0/5

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  • Get away to experience the love of Florence via 77 superb places in 54 gorgeous levels
  • Discover the most famous art work from Piero Della Francesca and Botticelli whilst listening to classical Italian music that brings you a real flavour of Italy
  • An exciting twist for any search & discovery fans with around 100 objects to locate in all the different scenes
  • Five varied game modes full of Hidden Item game play, 9 different types of mini games as well as 6 adventurous /escapist puzzles
  • Unlock another BONUS level that is difficulty

What to Expect

Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia is a true whirlwind of wedding bonanza. On this occasion, you are employed by an incredibly charming and enthusiastic young man called Andrew who is genuinely nervous about surprising his Italian partner Isabella with the best wedding proposal that you could ever imagine. You will be whisked away to a gorgeous city in Italy - Florence - to give him some help to plan his secret engagement. Your services will only just start to get going when Isabella eventually agrees to marry the love of her life. You will spend so much time in Florence planning a perfect wedding, and luckily, you will also get the opportunity to explore and do some sightseeing yourself.

You will be responsible for choosing the most ideal wedding gown, ordering the rings, dealing with the anxious in-laws as well as solving all the other problems that happen along the way. You will have plenty of tasks that you will have to do during your time in Italy with remarkably little time to do them all. You will have to pay a lot of attention to detail because the majority of your work will involve searching for many items that are exceptionally well hidden amongst some gorgeous scenery of wedding bliss - and some chaos also.

Time Limits

You will be given a time limit at every level, unless you choose to play in timeless mode, of course. You will get a penalty if you hit the screen too many times without hitting on the actual items that you're looking for. On the other hand, if you manage to find several items in a row, you will earn some additional time. There are some hints that will become available to you, although these are limited. Moreover, if you manage to collect the blue birds of happiness that are also hidden all throughout the scenes, you will earn some additional one, which will certainly come in handy when you get to the more intricate stages of the game.

Looking For Items

On occasions, you will also have to search for certain objects that are of the same kind - for instance- there is a garden scene that is filled with various colourful flowers that you will have to sift your way through. An additional task that you will have to do involves you hunting down some gems, sewing needles and scissors. You will have to complete some entertaining emergency tasks too where you will have to fix some potential disastrous planning calamities as well as finding your way out of some tricky situations.

There are some remarkable surprises that await you along the way, like getting locked inside the back room of a bridal shop or picking up some pieces after an eerie bird plague rips off your ideally set-out romantic location. There are some more mini-games such as decorating wedding items, a maze adventure, and matching cards that have all been thrown in for additional entertainment.

This is such as gorgeous looking game, like other popular Wedding games. It does not matter if you are pondering over a dreadfully untidy office work area, a visitors bedroom that needs a lot of tender love and care, or looking at a stunning scene outside that is filled with the abundance of the natural world, running fountains. The amount of detail and elegance that you will find in all aspects of the design of the game is truly striking.

Whilst certain areas are repetitive with a slight variation in decoration, you will find plenty of fresh sights that you can soak up. There are some new animated details that have been included in some of the scenes; they give this game a delightful touch and certainly tops off the overall presentation.

Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia astronomical presentation as well as addictive gameplay is so much fun, even if you're not into the wedding scene that much. You can increase the difficulty level or play the game at a leisurely pace; it is entirely up to you. We started the game in the casual mode without any time restrictions and then introduced the time restrictions once we became familiar with the game play. It's marvellous to have all the time in the world to plan a wedding and immerse yourself in the wonderful scenery. What we also liked about the game is that you can use the pause option if you find yourself in tricky situations or skip any of the mini-games that you don't wish to play.

In addition, the classical play mode is very kind with the time restrictions and again, you can pause the game if you want at any point. There is one final mode in this game called Seasoned Traveller. This is a difficult mode that includes the most complicated mini-games; however, they will keep you hooked for hours on end. This mode features 100 objects in any given level, plus it does not give you as much time to complete all your tasks. Whatever way you decide to play the game, it is packed with so much bliss and enjoyment.

The Good Points

  • Stunning presentation as well as design - It is gorgeous to look at, plus the well acquainted Italian music is calming for your senses.
  • Excellent gameplay and you get plenty of variety.
  • Endless hours of entertainment - you will get totally immersed in the game without even realising it.

The Bad Points

There isn't that much to dislike about this game. You might notice the odd typo error, and a little bit of the voice acting is somewhat distasteful, however, these minor critiques are just nit-picky at their best.

The only concern that we have is that a few of the objects are a bit obscure, which means that some players may not have an idea of what they are. Secondly, this game is only geared towards the female population, which we believe is unfortunate because there might be some guys out there who would love this sort of game too. Finally, some of the scenes are a little bit repetitive.

Our Thoughts

We adore games that allow you to search for lots of hidden objects and could lose ourselves in them for many hours. This is precisely what happened to us when we played Dream Day Wedding on our laptops.

All the images are stunning, and this is both an amusing and addictive game. It has everything that we love in a game. The thing that we love most about this game is that it contains and a game within a game on some of the diary pages. For example, you could be looking for a knife, and if the area that you hover your mouse over lights up, then you are allowed to click it and get transported to a different search location. After you have found all the items that you are looking for in this new place, you will be transported back to your initial location so that you can complete the puzzle.

We thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and have gotten our teenage cousin and her friends addicted to it also. She has had a few sleepovers at our house, and all the girls have spent the entire weekend crouched over their PC looking for all the objects in the game. All we heard were giggles and cheers as they completed the scenes, and it was quite obvious that they couldn't wait to get to the wedding scene. More importantly, they have all said to us on numerous occasions that they honestly love this game.

The Final Verdict

Dream Day Wedding: Bella Italia is a meticulous, imaginative, all inclusive and amusing game. I-Play certainly has done a formidable job for its target audience. It is refreshing at all times when a developer manages to satisfy a need instead of taking advantage of it. This game certainly does not disappointment the wedding series in any way

All critics seem to adore this game and have called it a "delightful hidden item voyage" that features a "stellar like presentation and provides a remarkably addictive gameplay". You can find this out for yourself by trialling the free edition right away!

We give this game a well-deserved 4/5


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Dream Day Wedding Bella Italia is developed by I Play.