Dream Day Wedding Game for PC

Dream Day Wedding Game

This dreamy seek-and-find wedding escapade features striking graphics as well as individualised puzzles. You’ll get the chance to visit many quaint boutiques and shops so that you can help Jenny, the Bride-to-Be, make all her romantic wedding dreams come true.

Our detailed Dream Day Wedding guide will assist you in getting through the 12 varied levels, 9 miniature games and a constant change in game-play. Prepare yourself to escape into a 'world wind' of 'wedding bliss'.

Release Date: 08/02/2007

Available on: Windows Games, Downloadable PC Games

Critics Rating: 4.0/5

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Dream Day Wedding Game Guide

How to Start the Game

To start the game, you have to choose the mode that you want to play. There are three modes to choose from: The Care Free mode, The First Time Traveller Mode, Seasoned Traveller Mode.

The Care Free Mode does not have a time limit and you can skip all the mini games here. The First Time Traveller Mode does have a time limit and again you can skip all the mini games if you want to. In the Seasoned Traveller mode, there is a timer; a longer find list as well as some more complicated mini-games that you can't skip. Moreover, there is a Bonus level that you can play in this level only.

You have to finish this game in Care Free Mode or else First Time Travel prior to unlocking the Seasoned Traveller Mode.

Don't forget that you play the character of a wedding planner and not the Bride and Groom. The game will just make a lot more sense to you if you do.

The Scenes

There are various different scenes and eight mini-games in this game where you will have to complete certain tasks to work your way up to your end goal. The types of activities that you will have to do are all explained in more details below. These scene and mini games are as follows:

  • The Proposal
  • Sightseeing
  • Trip to the Villa
  • Explore the Villa
  • The Rehearsal Dinner
  • Capri
  • Going Home

In all the above scenes you will have to collect three Bluebirds and find all the items on your list to progress to the next level.

  • The Gown
  • The Wedding Cake
  • Jewellery and Accessories
  • The above games are find the difference games are self- explanatory. You will have to look very carefully because this type of game gets harder as you progress.

  • The Centerpiece
  • The Family Vintage
  • The Fountain
  • Candied Almonds

The above games are standard jigsaw puzzles. You will have to start each game by putting together the tom photograph. An important thing to note here is that all the sides do not perfectly match.

Other Scenes:

Return to Florence

In this scene you will have to find twenty moths in total in all the scenery. They are all in varied locations for all the different game players. All the moths are varied in shape, colour, size, and might even have wings that spread or fold. All the prices that touch the gown will not count and you will be expected to search for the pieces that have all been scattered. Some of the lace is really fine that it is translucent and will take on the colour of anything that is behind it. Some of the lace will seem pink if it is placed on a red coloured chair, or golden if they are on positioned on the gold section of the Chinese lantern. Once you've managed to collect all the pieces, you will hear your phone ring. You must answer it because it is going to be the Bride or Groom.


In this scene you will have to compare two recipes that are given to you. Each type of difference is as follows: spelling, counts, and spots on your paper, capitalization, and torn edges.

Bonus Level:

After completing the Seasoned Traveller mode, you'll unlock a bonus scene. In this game, you will have to collect all the items on your Find List. Once again, different players will have to find different items. A few of the items can are located in the photographs and some of them are simply placed on top of them.


These include the following games: Choosing the Engagement Ring, The Maze, Trapped in the Storeroom, Scopa Cards, Bouquet: Find the Differences, Cleaning the Fountain, The Wedding Cake: Find the Difference, Button Pairs Mini-Game, Wedding Countdown

Game Tasks

There are various tasks that you are expected to do in this game that ultimately lead you to your end goal - the perfectly planned wedding for Andrew and Isabella. Each task will be explained in more detail now.

Search for a Friend

You will have to check your To-Do-List and search for all the items that have been hidden inside your screen. When you manage find an item, you must click on it and it will be ticked off from your list. There is a variation in this gameplay that includes to-do lists in different languages and there are items that you will have to find and drag to a specific location in all the scenery.


To find all the objects that are on your list, you have to poke around a little bit. To achieve this, you must utilise your mouse to move things around on your screen and uncover the items on your list.

Italian Seek & Find

Your To-Do-List will appear on your screen in the Italian language and it will translate into English when you manage to find the dictionaries that have been carefully hidden in all the scenery. Each dictionary can translate a particular section on your to-do-list.

Bluebirds of Happiness

Make sure that you look out for the bluebirds that you will find hidden in all the scenes. If you manage to do this, you will earn additional hints every time you find five of them in total. They birds are hidden close to each other.

Phone Calls

When your phone rings, you must answer it. It will be either Andrew or Isabella calling to ask for your assistance and to advice what they would like you to do next.

Choose a Story

The story takes a turn and what happens next is up to you. You must read the text inside the story window and the two options below the screen. You then have to pick your reply and click onto it so that you can proceed further.

Escape Puzzles

Here, you will find yourself locked inside certain environments, such as the …….. You will have to carefully look around and locate all the relevant items that will assist you to escape. Click on these objects to collect them to your inventory, and then utilise them inside the scenery, or use all the items together in order to create a fresh tool. Don't forget the game clock will continue to tick away and you must escape the locked room and finish the level before your time runs out. If you find yourself getting stuck, then just click the skip button. This will help you to escape the room; however, you will lose four minutes off your clock. The Skip Button does not work if you play as a Seasoned Traveller.

Wedding Crisis

You will have to find all the objects on your list to resolve a Wedding Crisis and you will have less time on the clock. Remember to use your hint option to get extra help.

Build an Item

Your job is to create the best bouquet, gown, or wedding cake for Isabella and Andrew's perfect wedding. Just click your mouse after you have done this and you will get to see your own creation inside the wedding photographs after Andrew and Isabella's dream day is completed.

Room Puzzles

There are certain scenes where you are expected to search for items and solve some puzzles. Click on the items to collate them into your inventory, and then utilise all those particular objects in the room. Alternatively, you can combine them to make a new tool. Don't forget that your clock will be ticking at all time and you must solve this puzzle before your time runs out. Use the Skip Button if you get stuck.

Some scenes are muddled up puzzles and you will have to drag some of the objects out of your way so that you can find the actual ones that are on your list. You might find that after dragging one object, quite a few other objects come along with it. Be mindful that some objects could be concealed between the layers; therefore you might have to carefully split up the stacks into single components just in case there is an item stuck in between them

Drag, Seek & Find

In certain scenes you will have to find the right items and drag them to the correct location in order to complete this scenery.

Find Two Matches

In order to win this game, you will have to find each matching pair on your grid. You will be shown the number of cards that you have left to find on the left hand side of your screen.


Utilise your mouse to find your way through the maze. You must click to pick up your shoe and move your mouse through the maze all the way to the finish line.

Perfect Match (Scopa Cards)

To play this game, you will have to click two cards to turn them over. You must find all the matches in order to win the game. The snakes will shuffle all the remaining cards on your board and all the jokers will give you a free match.

Unravel Vines

You must click the vines to remove them one by one. You will be able to move a vine when it is not covered with more than one other strand.

Find the Differences

You will have to find the difference between the two images and click on them. The number of differences that you will have left to find will be revealed to you on the left hand side of your screen. This is not an easy task and you will have to look for the differences very carefully.

Jigsaw Puzzle

You will have to restore all the old wedding photographs by putting all the jigsaw pieces back together again. Just click and drag a piece in order to move it, and then click it one more time to rotate it. Some of the jigsaw puzzles will have additional pieces and others might have pieces that are flipped over so that you get an extra challenge.


To fix the fountain, you will have to rotate the metal pipes so that the water can flow freely from the bottom upwards without any interruptions or open ends. You will have to click on each pipe in order to rotate it. Make sure that you utilise every piece of pipe.

Fountain Cleaning

You will have to click onto the Scrub Brush and scrub the fountain in order to remove all the dirt and the debris. Do not hold your mouse button down for too long otherwise you will run out of soap. Clean the entire fountain without running out of soap in order to restore it to its former beauty.

Cake Decorating

Utilise the icing bag to decorate the wedding cake. You will have to choose a colour first and then click onto the area where you would like to use the colour. Then, fill in each part of the cake and do not allow the same colours to touch.

Unravel Necklace

Click all the necklaces in order to remove them one at a time. If your necklace isn't covered by more than one strand, then it can be removed.

Almond Decorating

This is similar to the cake decorating tasks. Utilise the vegetable dyes to colour the candied almonds. Pick a colour and then click an almond to colour it. Fill in all the almonds without allowing the same colours to touch each other.

Ring Engraving

Pick a phrase for the wedding rings and then click the engraver and fill in the words. Again, do not hold your mouse down for too long otherwise you will completely drain your battery. You must complete all the engravings before the actual battery runs out.

Help To Play the Games

If you need a bit of assistance, just click on the cupid's clue button and you will discover the spot where the object has been hidden. It's important that you move things around carefully here otherwise you can quite easily miss some of the items that you are looking for. This is classified as your hint option in the game.


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Dream Day Wedding is developed by I Play.