Unique Wedding Venues in Scotland

Scotland is a verdant green expanse renowned for its lush wild beauty, and edgy rebellious spirit. For brides and grooms looking to get hitched in Scotland, the countries irrepressible natural beauty sets a very high bar. We've sought out some of the most unique wedding locations to include 3 magnificent castles as well as an outstanding 850 acre estate called Gleneagles. We have mentioned what each has to offer to help further refine your search.

Ackergill TowerCaithness, Scotland

Ackergill TowerCaithness, Scotland

The Ackergill Tower is an exceptional grade A listed building that can accommodate up to 54 people and is renowned as a famous 15th Century Scottish Castle located nearby John o' Groats, which is at the tip of the Northern Scottish Highlands. Here of some of the marvellous castle's main features:

  • Jewel - It's known for being the gemstone of the Scottish Highlands
  • Accessibility - It's accessible, only around 15 miles away from the well-known John O’Groats
  • Large Treehouse - the tower has a Treehouse containing a European style bedroom
  • Old and Modern - It's a breath-taking castle from the 15th century with all modern day luxuries
  • Surroundings - Ackergill TowerCaithness is surrounded by 3,000 acres of well-maintained grounds and is situated next to a gorgeous beach with a picturesque coastline.
  • Private - the castle has an exclusive loch with a cabin for fishing type adventures
  • Northern Lighhts - you will get to see these spectacular lights depending on the time of year.

Carberry TowerMusselburgh, Scotland

Carberry TowerMusselburgh

Carberry Tower is baronial, 15th Century Castle that was previously a Royal Home, situated only 10 minutes away from the heart of Edinburgh, and it is uniquely positioned in 35 acres of grassland. It caters for up to 57 people. Here are Carberry TowerMusselburgh's main features:

  • Grand Castle - Carberry TowerMusselburgh is an extraordinary building with royal associates
  • Countryside Retreat - escape to a surreal environment that's only 10 minutes away from the heart of Edinburgh
  • History - In 1957, Mary, the Queen of Scotland, submitted to an army in Carberry
  • Parkland - highly maintained historical parks and gardens await the wedding party on arrival
  • Servants - who are utilised to watch royal family members through the windows

Castle Kinnettles, Scotland,

Castle Kinnettles

A boutique castle hotel, Kinnettles Castle is an impressive venue buried within 44 acres of lavish gardens. Perfect for more intimate ceremonies, up to 22 people can be housed here. We list some of the main features for you below:

  • Uniqueness - Castle Kinnettles reveals classiness with an individual Scottish twist, you can keep all the Scottish wedding traditions and add your on individualised style on top
  • Romance - the entire place has a romantic feel and vibe
  • Easily located - the castle is only 20 minutes away from the Airport in Dundee
  • Perfect Golf Location - Carnoustie Course is only 20 minutes away from the castle, it's great for the wedding party to indulge in a light sport after all the wedding celebrations
  • Special Venue - Carnoustie Castle is an exclusive location for intimate weddings; 26 guests can stay at the venue.

Gleneagles Weddings

Gleneagles Weddings

Gleneagles has long been around having initially been built in 1924. Located in the city centre, love is an integral aspect of the setting. The surreal surroundings are the unique selling point here; nestled amongst 850 acres of park land and an ethereal Perthshire environment, wedding pictures reflect the untamed savage wilds blessed with a unique beauty of their own. The compassionate staff ensures that the revelries head off without a hitch with detailed focus on even the most intricate of details including flower arrangements, room choices and catering options. This affords brides the luxury of relenting the reigns and enabling trained professionals to organise your dream day on your behalf, delivering a day in line with your preferences.

Guests typically speak their nuptials within the hotel, inside their own suite or private room or close by at the cathedral or diminutive village church. Flustered brides needn't fret as the staff takes responsibility for absolutely everything including catering, flowers, transport (from chauffeur transfers to wedding cars), photography, entertainment and rooms.

Gleneagles Weddings

Gleneagles Wedding Services

The savage beauty of Scotland is perhaps its most viable selling point; uniquely untouched and brimming with beauty, Gleneagles offer opulent surroundings as nature intended. Brides can enjoy a little pre-wedding de-stress session at the Spa whilst having help regarding itineraries, wedding transportation, food and drink preparations and even stationary. Florists, hair and beauty packages, technical requirements and photographers and videographers are also on standby to offer their services.

Unique to the venue is a variety of exclusive entertainment and specially prepared theme nights. Traditional Scottish dances, musical breaks, function bands and after dinner speakers also feature prominently.